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We often use different products depending upon our needs. Some are for exterior uses and some play their role from behind. Pipes are one of those products which are used both in exterior as well as interior use. We use pipes for irrigational methods, sanitations, water supply and etc. Each type of pipe caters to different purposes.

• FRP Pipes – Glimpse

With its high demand the pipe manufacturers all over the world has always tried to develop some new type so that the use of normal pipe can be further enhanced. With this the birth of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Pipes took place which are that form of pipe which are manufactured with the help of reinforced plastic. Fiberglass has mis of Silicate, polyester resin and thermoplastic which gives it ample amount of strength and durability.

• Manufacturing Process of FRP Pipes

The manufacturing of FRP pipes is done with immense care and precautions so that they may fulfil the requirement for which are used. These FRP pipes are manufactured in furnaces in which silicate, limestone, clay and other essential components are melted so that each mix and gel in with each other, this whole process is called as Pultrusion. This mix is then kept to cool down which is then eventually finished and moulded in different pipe shapes and sizes.

• Salient Features of FRP Pipes

Its features are behind the increase in demand of FRP pipes, some of the important features are given below:

=> All Weather: FRP Pipe Manufacturers always manufacture these pipes keeping its multi-use in consideration. These pipes are used in both exterior as well as interiors therefore FRP pipes are manufactured with all-weather features. They are manufactured with plastic reinforced which provide it the stability in high heat and always makes them perfect when used in water.

=> Corrosion Free: Corrosion leads to cracks and leakages. With fiberglass strength FRP pipes are always free from any effect of corrosion. FRP pipes don’t get crack and therefore chances of any leakage is minimal.

=> Coating: Style plays a vital role in success of any product. FRP Pipe Manufacturers produce FRP pipes in different colours such as white, grey, black and even transparent. As these pipes are used in both outer and inner fittings they suit the colour of the structure. The colour coating doesn’t just add to the looks but also provide strength and durability.

• Main Uses Of FRP Pipes

As mentioned earlier FRP pipes are multi-purpose and are used in many ways. Some of the major uses are discussed below:

=> Underground Sanitation: FRP pipes are mainly used in manholes to carry out the wastage safely. These FRP pipes can easily be turned with the help of reinforced elbows specially designed so that pipes can be fitted according to the structure.

=> Water Cooling Towers: Water cooling tower works with both cool and hot water. Its main agenda is to cool the heated water from the industrial use. FRP pipes are specifically fitted in these water cooling towers because they doesn’t gets affected with flow of hot water from it. It don’t get leak with passing of hot water.

=> Septic Tanks: Another use of FRP pipes are that they are used in septic tanks. These tanks usually carry harmful chemicals which can be really hazardous. FRP pipes are perfect to store and carry them safely so that these chemicals can be efficiently disposed.

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