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Since people across the world are aware of the side effects of plastics, they have limited its use in routine life. Organizations and companies manufacturing products are using different materials to produce more eco-friendly products. FRP pipes exporters are among those manufacturers who are contributing to environment by producing eco-friendly batches of items like FRP pipes and handrails. FRP is not a plastic and it doesn’t harm environment like plastic. Fiber reinforced plastic material is completely other thing and you will be glad to find its major benefits.

Plastic waste is harmful and brings toxicity to the environment. However, plastics are not inherently bad and they possess many redeeming ecological features. Moreover manufacturers of plastic are using techniques in their design to aim for optimum use of plastic products.

Their durability and low maintenance reduce need for material replacement. The light weight makes shipping easy and cost effective. The formulation of plastic into glue products lets manufacturers to create engineered lumber and sheet products by recycling wood. The feedstock of plastic is majorly derived from natural gas or petroleum.

Toxic chemical release during plastic production is another critical source of negative impact on environment. Carcinogenic, hormone-disruptive and neuro-toxic chemicals are common ingredients and waste products of plastic production. These chemicals find their way to enter into our eco system and pollute the land, water, and air.

A few familiar compounds are vinyl chloride, dioxins (both are in PVC), benzene (in polystyrene), phthalates and other plasticizers (in PVC and others), BPA (in polycarbonate), and formaldehyde. Most of these compounds are persistent organic pollutants containing high levels of toxicity.

Disposing the plastic is a great liability

Since plastic is resistant to decomposition, you cannot dispose it because natural organisms have a tough time breaking down the synthetic chemical bond in plastic. Only 10% of the produced plastic is recycled by companies effectively and the rest is sent to landfills.

FRP products manufacturers are bringing the change in the industry by including the use of FRP materials for producing distinct range of products. The use of FRP is not limited to the making of FRP pipes and plumbing components, but it can be also used for wastewater management and other industrial applications.

FRP never corrodes and this is why you don’t need frequent replacement of FRP products. They are initially robust and durable. FRP pipes exporters understand that production of plastic will put bad impact on environment and so they are using fiberglass for various production.

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