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If you are planning to buy composite cable trays for your facility, you should follow these advises and maintain these sophisticated yet robust products to avail their uses for years.

Packing and handling of composite pipes by professionals

• Straight lengths of ladders, trays, channels, and covers

These composite products should be packed in bundles and for this, you can use banding. Make sure you use non-metallic bonding to avoid rust stains development over galvanized products and prevent contamination of stainless steel products.

If the products’ length is more than five meter and all of them are packed in bundles, you must check that they all should be supported with at least three timber bearers for sufficient clearance to accommodate the forks of a forklift truck. Make sure that bearers shall be spaced evenly along the bundle length.

Boxed and bagged parts

Bags and boxes should be stacked over right sized pallets for handling using a fork lift truck. Pallets must be kept away from moisture and stacking should be avoided.

Tray and ladder fittings

Small fittings should be stacked oversized pallets for handling using forklift truck. You need to wrap each pallet to secure the parts. Large parts should be packed and conveyed in the same way as straight lengths.

Specialized packaging for rough handling

Such packaging type is recommended where delivery involves transshipment. In this type of packaging, the products are packed in timber crates or cases.

Loading and offloading recommendations

Site deliveries should only be made where suitable mechanical handling equipment availability is present on site. The delivered product should be treated with care. For lifting job, call experts.

Offloading with crane should include use of lifting beams that should be inserted from side to side below the bundle. The length should be sufficient to avoid undue pressure over the edge of the bottom components.


For storing composite cable tray systems, cable ladder systems and other support systems safely and sustaining them in good condition, you must follow storing tips shared by experts here-

• You can store non-metallic systems outside without cover
• The storing place should be protected against water or moisture
• The storing place should have proper drainage

You must remember these advises and store and handle your FRP cable trays and other composite systems like professionals. This guide is made by FRP cable trays manufacturers to explain how they do packing, handling, and storage of their products.

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