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Though fiberglass is a sturdy material that resist chemicals and water, yet it can be cracked. FRP gratings India suppliers bring many ways to repair such cracks of fiberglass in this post. Read this article and know the best treatments for your FRP cracks.

Stress cracks, hairline cracks, and spider cracks in the decks of older boats are common. At times, they are hardly cosmetic, i.e. they don’t penetrate the gel coat and sometimes they penetrate deeper and harm an underlying laminate. Such scenario involves expensive repairs, so it makes sense to locate all address all suspicious-looking cracks of your boat sooner. You must consider checking the areas that feel a little spongy.

A note from manufacturers of FRP products-
Several inexpensive products are available in the market today that purposely intended to fix hairline and other fractures in fiberglass laminates. You can try them for minor repairs.

For creepy crack curing, you can try the following ways-
• Determine the cause of cracks first. How big is the crack? Where the crack locates? Do the crack surrounds an area that feels just a bit spongy?

• Toughen the laminate that has cracks by solidifying it, either by thickening with extra fiberglass, adding structures, or replacing coring materials. If you ignore this step, new cracks will start to appear sooner.

• Once you have expelled all hardware, toerails, and other paraphernalia that may interfere or clutter, break out a Dremel tool using conical bit. Use the highest speed to avoid damaged path. Dremel will do its job and give you cleaner and precise results.

• As soon as you channel out the cracks, wipe the surface with a solvent such as acetone. Take a plastic putty knife, flush-fill it with gelcoat matched to the surrounding area color, polyester filler or polyester resin and fiberglass strands.

You can mix up a small batches of gelcoat to get the approx. colour as you need. You can even use epoxy as an alternative to polyester in some situations. However, it tends to be harder than poly and you find it complex to sand smooth and finish. Do remember to layer all gelcoat repairs with plastic film because gelcoat cures in the absence of air.

• Fix the crack with final finishing. Use good wax or polish for best results. When dealing with epoxy or polyester repair, you will find several cracks, and you may require paint job of some kind in future.

You can always approach the near FRP gratings India suppliers and get the repairing services done in the presence of professionals.

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